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Introducing a better way for SMEs to run Google Ads. Metigy's ads solution will help you drive real results to grow your business.

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It is well known that Google Ads are the best way to drive positive ROI, but setting up your first campaign can be daunting. Enter Metigy. We break down the process and guide you every step of the way with our decision support technology. Our always-on AI recommendations will also make sure that you capitalise on any marketing opportunity.

We'll guide you through the process

An intuitive interface that will make your life easy

Results that will make you go "wow"

The quickest and easiest way to hit your business goals

Raise awareness of your brand and services

The Google ad network gives you unprecedented access to billions of users across the globe. Easily build stunning visuals in Metigy and get your brand in front of real people.

Drive sales
Drive sales

We know that cash flow is imperative to running an SME so your ads will be optimised to drive more sales.

Reach more customers for less
Reach more customers for less

Google Ads are a cost-effective solution that drives incredible ROI, regardless of objective. Mtetigy allows you to start with as little as $5 a day and start seeing immediate results.


How much does it cost to run Google Ads?

It is totally up to you! We know that SMEs need to account for every dollar spent on advertising, which is why we give you complete control. You can cap the lifetime of your ads or set a daily budget starting from just $5.

Are Google Ads more expensive than Facebook ads?

It really depends on what your goal for the campaign is. If you are looking to convert website visitors into purchasers, then Google is the most cost-effective channel for capturing people at the point of showing intent to purchase.

How long does it take to set up an ad with Metigy?

Typically the process takes just a matter of minutes if you already have a Google Ads account. If you do not have an account, not worry, you can create one with us!

What is the benefit of running Google Ads through Metigy?

We make it easy for SMEs to grow their business online, Metigy gives SMEs an ads solution that is intuitive, quick and drives real business outcomes. We don't charge you for creating your campaigns in Metigy which means you have more money on ads to start driving sales and building your brand.